Interesting…I have to admit, I can relate to this. Check it out!




3 thoughts on “Interesting…I have to admit, I can relate to this. Check it out!

  1. Nice video! I use Edmodo in my classes, it’s kind of like Facebook for the classroom. My students love it and it’s a great way to communicate with them. I update lessons, videos, resources and word documents to the site as well. Check it out at, there will be a short video you can watch introducing you to the site. It’s pretty neat. A suggestion for times like this when you want to share a video, I would update it to the Google+ for our class, or even better share on Twitter. The blog is typically written material like a learning journal almost. For something like this it’s probably easier to copy and paste the link to the Google+ page or Twitter like I said. That makes it easier for people to comment, share and spark discussion. Just a thought.


  2. Hi Roxanne! Nice video – I agree! There are so many tools now to help kids solve problems and get help if they don’t understand how to do something from home – which is so different from when we were young! Technology has definitely changed the way students work from home. I’m always a little nervous to send big projects home with my younger students when they want to continue working from home because most of the time the project “gets lost” and doesn’t come back! So much precious class time wasted! So I like that they can so easily continue what they were working on at home without risking losing it all!

    I still have some kids without tech at home so I try not to assign mandatory tech related work home because I always feel like it singles out that student and puts them at a disadvantage. I often hear teachers say “Well you know SOMEONE who has the internet” or “There’s the library!…” but I still feel that it’s unfair to ask when it’s not their fault that they don’t have the resources available at home. I also teach younger grades where it would put the responsibility of finding a way to access tech onto the parents instead of the student and that’s an added stress I like to avoid putting on families. As an elementary teacher, I’m curious what the expectations are of high school students without technology at home. Anyone else run into this?


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