Summary of Learning

Hello everyone! I cannot believe our time together is almost over. I’d like to start off by thanking each and every one of you as you have all contributed to this great learning experience! Although most of you already know, this was my first online Ed tech course. When this class first began, I felt extremely nervous and insecure. I had never used Zoom or created a Blog before and I felt overwhelmed with the idea that I would need to create weekly blog entries in order to reflect the information discussed during class. However, I soon began to feel more comfortable with help from the Google+ community, and my co-workers (Luke, Steve, Andres, and Jayme-Lee) who conveniently were also registered in this course!

I have learned a significant amount within this short period of time. Although technology is used often within my professional and personal life, I really had no idea about the many issues involving technology. I guess it is because I’ve experienced more of the advantages of technology, rather than drawbacks. However, I can now say with confidence that I am more aware of digital citizenship than ever before. As a teacher, I can educate and model how to use technology effectively in order for students to create a positive online reputation for themselves.

In regards to the summary of learning, Jayme-Lee and I created a slideshow presentation using an online program called Animoto. Together, we discussed the debate topics we wanted to include in our final project. This was difficult for us as we both agreed we learned many things from the content in this course but we narrowed it down to three topics we were most inspired by: Technology Enhances Learning, Technology and Health, and Digital Citizenship and Sharing. With that being said, I hope you all enjoy watching our summary of learning and enjoy your well-deserved summer break! Thank you all again for making my 5th Master’s course a memorable learning experience!



One thought on “Summary of Learning

  1. This semester went by so fast! I can relate to how you were feeling Roxanne about being nervous when you began this class since it was your first online Ed tech course. I was also very nervous when I took my first Ed tech class because I never had to put my thoughts and feelings online better. It is amazing how fast the online class becomes a very supportive community. I have been lucky to take three classes from Katia and Alec. I have learned so much from each class and I thought the debates were very engaging. Thank you very much for sharing your journey with us! I enjoyed watching your slideshow presentation that you created with Jayme-Lee. I liked how you also questioned if technology enhances our teaching. I think technology does enhance our teaching when we use it in an authentic way. P.S. Beautiful wedding pictures! 🙂 Congratulations for being half way done your degree! Have a wonderful summer and I wish you continued success as you pursue your Masters.


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