Prototype project for blended learning, take one!

First off, I would like to start of my post for this week by saying it is great to be back online and taking another course with all of you fine folks! I have had the opportunity to read through many of your posts and have to say, I am feeling very inspired! Many of you seem to have some wonderful ideas for your prototype projects and all this motivation is encouraging! I am very eager to learn from all of you and look forward to everyone’s final products.

As for me, I am extremely fortunate to get to work alongside with Jayme-Lee Lazorko and Andres Araneda once again! Not only are they both amazing teachers, but they are also my co-workers. Together, we teach at Elsie Mironuck School. This has allowed us to stay in close touch with one another and collaborating ideas about our prototype project has been a simple process. This semester, we have been asked by Alec and Katia to create a course prototype which should entail specific lessons, activities and assessments. Jayme-Lee, Andres and I have decided to focus our prototype project around Blended Learning. Together, we appreciate how blended learning offers a combined learning experience, specifically a balance between teacher lead hands on interactive activities with digital based instruction. Moreover, we respect blended learning for offering students an equal learning experience, despite geographical location or socio-economic status. These are factors that we agreed are important and would like to see within our course prototype project. We have also chosen to focus our material at the middle year’s level. Although the specifics about our course prototype are not yet set in stone, we decided to focus our project around the English Language Arts curriculum. Seeing that technology plays such an important role within this subject area, we agreed that creating both interactive and digital lessons and activities would contribute to generating a fluent and dynamic learning experience for our students.

As for the tools we intend to use for our prototype project, we discussed using the following programs: Kahoot, Google Docs, Read & Write for Google, as well as WordPress. We chose these tools based on the activities we would like to see performed within our course prototype but also because using these tools allows us to track our students progress as well as assist them in their learning. We also chose these programs because they offer the ability to receive instant feedback for both teachers and students. Furthermore, parents have access to see what their children are learning/doing in school. My group and I are open to any suggestions you may have about any online programs you have used and found to be helpful within this subject area, so please share your ideas with us!

At this point in time, we have not thought a lot about the tools we intend to use in order to assess student learning. However, it is still very early within the semester and we welcome any ideas you may have to offer! What type of assessment tools would you use for the online portion of our prototype project? Please comment below and thank you!


4 thoughts on “Prototype project for blended learning, take one!

  1. Looks like you guys are off to a good start even though there is still a lot to be decided. I would recommend Seesaw, Socrative (similar to Kahoot) and perhaps a class website, blog or Edmodo page. What grades were you guys thinking of focusing on?


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