Having fun with GoAnimate!

Like my classmate Benita Struik, I decided to create an animation video using GoAnimate to provide a review/tutorial of this creation tool. This was my first experience using GoAnimate. I have always wanted to try this tool and I feel it has great potential to assist with learning in my Grade 3/4 classroom. In the past, I have attempted to create videos using VideoScribe but found GoAnimate to be much more simple to navigate and user-friendly. Within this video, I explain how simple it was to sign up for GoAnimate as well as the strengths and weaknesses this online creation has to offer. Based on my recent experience, GoAnimate can be a very useful tool for learning. I hope you enjoy my video everyone! I do apologize in advance if the sound quality is not great.

I would like to note that I did have some difficulty posting my whiteboard animation video to my blog. When using the 14 day free trial, you are unable to share/export your videos. Therefore, in order to share my short video, I used a program called Screencast-O-Matic. This online tool allowed me to record my computer screen and then upload my recording to YouTube.

Please feel free to share your thoughts!


12 thoughts on “Having fun with GoAnimate!

  1. Thank you for including the video! I thought it was a great idea to use the program to analyze the strengths and weaknesses. I also appreciate that you included other programs that you have used or that you needed in order to get the most from this program.

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  2. Great review Roxanne!

    I had no idea that GoAnimate was so similar to Videoscribe. I have used videoscribe in the past, and have found it fairly user friendly (although not always), so I am excited to have a new tool to use in GoAnimate that creates something similar. Thanks for introducing me to something new.

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  3. Great job Roxanne. I have never heard of GoAnimate, you have most certainly peeked my interest! Also, thank you for sharing your experience regarding your difficulty in being able to post your animation to your blog. I to had issues with this this week. I will definitely look into screen-o-matic!

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  4. Just like my peers, I was surprised with how similar GoAnimate is to VideoScribe. I remember using GoAnimate years ago, and for some reason I didn’t remember how similar it was. It is too bad about how poorly the sound works, but you have found a way around that, and the video turned out really well. Loved the video idea to share the strengths and weaknesses! Great work!

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  5. Fantastic job Roxanne. What a great idea to make a video explaining pros and cons using the tool. I wonder if our school division would ever purchase this as it seems like a pretty great tool that students can really get creative with.

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  6. It’s so funny how things are different for different people! I couldn’t get my head around GoAnimate and found VideoScribe much easier to use. But, I’ll have to give GoAnimate a second chance, based on all the rave reviews.

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  10. I love goanimate. While playing around on it last year, I made a cartoon using it to announce my pregnancy. I have not seen the template you used to create your video. I like your instruction video you made. It made me see other aspects I did not were on there! Thank you for sharing.

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