That’s a wrap, folks!

Well EC&I 834 community, I cannot believe how quickly this semester has gone by. The end is near and we have come a long way together. Through the process of completing our prototype projects, we have learned about a variety of online and digital resources as well as pedagogical elements that applies to online learning environments. We now have the tools to create online or blended-learning material based on a variety of artefacts and learning experiences that we have discovered together, but in different ways.

This week, we were asked to discuss our prototype projects before we submit them. Like my group member Jayme, I also found the prototype project to be consuming and overwhelming. At times, I felt confused about its components and was not always confident that my group and I were on the right track. However, I really appreciated how Alec and Katia were available to answer any questions or concerns we may have had. Also, the Google+ Community proved to be a helpful space for when we had questions regarding the prototype project. Throughout this course, each week we covered a variety of online and digital resources, which enabled us to explore new tools and assisted in the development of our prototype project. Andres did a terrific job describing our experience using Google Classroom and our LMS platform. Within his post, he explains why we chose to use Google Classroom based on our experiences using a variety of google apps and resources. Choosing our LMS platform was definitely one of the easiest decisions we made.

While working with Google Classroom, my group and I were able to identify both the pros and cons of using this digital tool.

– Clean and user-friendly interface
– Going paperless
– Access from any device
– Effective Communication and sharing
– Provide timely feedback
– Personalized learning

– Difficult account management
– Lacks room for customization
– Editing problems due to automatic reformatting
– Letter size and fonts cannot be adjusted
– Impersonal

This assignment was a pleasant one. I enjoyed the flexibility and openness that it offered. I also appreciated how the details of this assignment flowed with the weekly teachings, this deepened my understanding of the content. I also learned with this assignment that creating digital content is possible, even to someone who may feel they are not too experienced working with technology. Creating digital content can be fun and also contributes to a unique learning experience. Within this assignment, my group and I had the opportunity to create content in the form of modules as well as artefact videos. This is something I have never done before and now I can say that I have!

Overall, I am very pleased with our prototype project. I truly enjoyed working with Andres and Jayme as collaborating was easy, teamwork was evident, and we challenged each other by taking on a different digital tool to focus on. Creating a prototype project has definitely opened my eyes to all of the different digital tools and resources that are available through online and blended learning courses. Furthermore, I’ve enjoyed my interactions with all of you! I look forward to seeing everyone’s prototypes and summary of learning projects! I am excited to see what all of you have been working on this semester! Also, thank you Alec and Katia for introducing me to the variety of the digital tools and platforms I have not seen/used before!

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3 thoughts on “That’s a wrap, folks!

  1. Roxanne,
    Our group used Google Classroom as well, and I am very happy with the choice. I definitely agree with the font issues as a con though. It’s also frustrating as we used some ‘assignments’ and some ‘announcements’ and the formatting was very different on both. I’m glad you felt like you got a lot out of this course, and I hope you are able to create some online/blended courses in your own teaching!

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  2. I think most of us could relate to so much of what you said in your post :). I have only recently explored Google Classroom…. But, from what I can tell, your pros & cons are “bang on”. I really appreciated your observation that, even those who aren’t super tekkie, can create great online learning resources. So true!

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