Do we really have to say good-bye?

Hello everyone!

Oh, how quickly this semester has gone by. It is hard to believe that our journey in EC&I 834 is nearly over. I’ve really enjoyed spending my Tuesday evening’s with all of you in the Zoom room and want to say thank you to Alec, Katia and everyone who has shared in my learning this semester! I am also looking forward to viewing everyone’s summary of learning projects before we are officially done!

For our final blog post, we were asked to provide an overview of the developing process of our prototype projects as well as include the link for our course prototype project and a response about making changes to the prototype, based on the feedback we received from our peers. Listed below are some links to previous blog posts that details the developing process of our course prototype project throughout this semester:

Prototype project for blended learning, take one!

Google Classroom it is!

Prototype project is well underway!

That’s a wrap, folks!

Student login information to our course prototype

If I’m being honest, there were many times this semester where I felt somewhat overwhelmed and confused about the prototype project. At times, my group and I were not sure whether we were on the right track or not. However, through collaboration amongst one another and with feedback from Alec, Katia and our classmates, we were able pull it together and create an awesome course prototype project completely from scratch! What an accomplishment! For our LMS platform, Jayme, Andres and I decided to use Google Classroom. This decision was easy for us, seeing as the three of us use Google for almost everything! However, through our experience using Google Classroom to create our course prototype, we definitely were able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of this digital tool. As explained in my blog post from last week, I provide a detailed breakdown of the pros and cons of this LMS platform.

As for the peer evaluations, my group and I were quite satisfied with the feedback we received. I think between the three of us, we were a tad bit hesitant about whether or not our course prototype project would measure up to others. However, through this process we were able to identify a variety of courses which included different subject areas, targeted age levels, LMS platforms, artefact samples and detailed modules! My group and I feel that the feedback we received was very helpful and gave us some ideas about how we can better our course prototype project and its material. It also pointed out many issues with Google Classroom which we honestly hadn’t noticed before or details we omitted without even realizing it. We found the evaluation process to be beneficial and appreciated the constructive criticism we received. We also enjoyed being able to view other course prototype projects. It was nice to finally see some of the things our classmates have been working on all semester!

Changes to prototype project

Overall, I am very happy with the content I learned this semester in EC&I 834. I’ve learned a lot about the pedagogical foundations of online and blended-learning as well as many new digital resources, LMS platforms and even how to create digital content. I am fortunate to have been a part of such a supportive online community. Even though this course is coming to an end, I wish all of you the best of luck in your future endeavors and hope to collaborate with you in the future!

Thanks for stopping by!


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