EC&I 834 Summary of Learning Project

Hello everyone!

This semester, I had the opportunity to work on my summary of learning project with my friend and colleague, Jayme Lazorko. Jayme and I have collaborated before on previous summary of learning projects, creating a slideshow presentation using Animoto as well as a Podcast. Together, we always have a great time creating digital content! For our summary of learning project for EC&I 834, Jayme and I decided we would try something new! So, we chose to create an animated video using a digital tool called Goanimate. Awhile back, we were asked to experiment with a digital tool that was new to us. We both decided to explore Goanimate as we always wanted to learn how to create animated videos which includes dialogue. After exploring this program, we both found it to be user-friendly, engaging and fun! Seeing as we both had a positive experience using Goanimate, we wanted to represent our learning using this digital tool. Therefore, if you’d like to check out our summary of learning project, just click “play” on the video below! We hope you all enjoy it! I look forward to collaborating with you all in the future, whether it be in person or online! Thank you to everyone who shared in my learning experience this semester and have a wonderful Spring/Summer!


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