Cross stitching is awesome!

Hello, everyone!

It’s official…I have finally started my major digital project! Last week, I spent some time watching tutorial videos about cross stitching on YouTube to figure out the materials I would need in order to start the cross stitching process. Sapna had sent me the article “Beginners cross stitch: the ultimate tutorial” which was also very helpful and a great resource! So, after a trip to Michaels, I purchased the materials I needed and got myself organized. Luckily for me, I discovered we have a couple professional cross stitchers in our class! So, if at any point in time I am stuck and in need of some assistance, I can contact Jaque or Marley!

The next step was to decide on a cross stitching pattern so that I could purchase some coloured thread. After browsing for patterns using Google and Pinterest, I couldn’t really decide on a pattern because the selection was so huge! Instead, I decided to reached out to the Twitter world to see if anyone could recommend some great websites for cross stitching patterns! Unfortunately, I received no responses. So, after browsing through about 100 different patterns online, I decided I wanted to cross stitch a Christmas pattern! I thought to myself; wouldn’t it be great to learn how to cross stitch for my major project while also making an authentic Christmas present? I had returned to Michaels to browse through their cross stitching booklets and found a Christmas/Holiday pattern booklet! I figure, if I enjoy cross stitching after this project, I can always stitch Christmas tree ornaments!


Design by Ursula Michael- Ornaments Galore Volume 2

After watching Cross stitch for beginners- a quick preview on YouTube, I learned how to tie a small knot using the loop method, how to properly read a pattern, a technique for locating the middle of my fabric, and how to properly stitch in the form of an X (top and bottom stitches should always be going in the same direction). Here are some photos of what I have accomplished so far!

Turns out, I am quite the natural at cross stitching! After my first few stitches, I developed a decent rhythm and ended up stitching for 3 hours in one evening! Of course, this was after my son was asleep! I must admit, cross stitching is somewhat addictive and very difficult to put down once you have started.

Although I enjoy cross stitching so far, I have come across a couple challenges. First challenge is knots! I have learned that when my thread is too long, somehow while stitching the thread will get tangled and create a knot. Let me tell ya…these tiny knots aren’t so easy to undo! The second challenge I’ve encountered so far is miscounting. I’ve made a few mistakes where I have miscounted the tiny squares on the fabric. As a result, I had to remove my thread and start over. Although these challenges are minor, cross stitching is very time consuming. So, I can only imagine how frustrated I’d be if I were to make a mistake and not realize it until later on.

Until next time…thanks for stopping by!



16 thoughts on “Cross stitching is awesome!

  1. LOVE this Roxanne! I own a store called Mortise and Tenon downtown and we carry two cross stitch artists in our store – Swish & Craft from Saskatoon and Karyn Mulcahy from here in Regina – you should look them up for some extra inspiration! They do “kitchy” and sometimes inappropriate designs that are sure to give you a giggle. 🙂 Congrats on having the insane amount of patience I am sure this takes…I can’t imagine trying to count those tiny squares so I see how you could miscount and make mistakes. Can’t wait to see all the pieces you create. Great job.

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  2. Cool! it looks like you have jumped right into it. Looks like a lot of finite work but I am sure that it will pay off. I image that it does take a big time investment but it is nice that is something that you can do on the sofa while watching a movie:) Look forward to seeing it when it it finished!

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  3. Hi Roxanne, thanks so much for sharing some of my tutorials from Peacock & Fig, I’m so glad they helped you! 🙂 Just a heads up though, you might want to delete the image of Ursula Michael’s chart — it’s a breach of her copyright to show the full chart without her permission, people can just stitch it from your photo rather than go to her site to get the chart. I know you didn’t know, so don’t panic. 🙂 ❤ If people want to get the pattern, they should go to her site and buy it (or download it if it's a freebie). I'd put a link to her site with an image of the finished piece (I'm assuming there's a cover image with what it will look like), the finished image is totally ok to share. It looks like you're making great progress, I'm glad you've found you love cross stitch! For knots, definitely keep your threads shorter, and if you keep making counting mistakes, try gridding your fabric (it's so good for preventing those kinds of mistakes). 😀

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      • That will work. If you can’t find it on her site, it means it was a freebie and she’s no longer offering it, or it was a paid pattern and someone scanned it and shared it online. The “joys” of free patterns, unless they’re on the designers page quite often they’re not actually freebies unfortunately. It’s ok, you didn’t know, I hope you enjoy stitching it. It’s so therapeutic stabbing something 20,000 times eh. 🙂


  4. Hi, Roxanne,
    The pattern which you have selected looks great and to be honest it’s a lot of work and I see that you have already started with it and its coming up really neat, I would love to try this pattern by myself someday, looking forward for your next post to see your progress.


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