Cross stitching update!

So far, my major project is going quite well. Cross stitching is definitely a lengthy process but I am enjoying it. Learning to cross stitch is a skill I do not regret doing. I am surprised with how much I have learned and what I have been able to do, simply by watching tutorial videos on YouTube and using Google to read online articles about cross stitching. Based on my twitter account and conversations with my co-workers, it appears I do not have many cross stitching enthusiast within my PLN. Although I was very excited to learn that Jaque and Marley enjoy cross stitching and have offered their guidance and support, if I need it. So, thank you Jaque and Marley! I appreciate the positive comments I have received thus far from my EC&I 831 colleagues! Your kind words motivate me to keep on going, even when my eyes are sore and tired from cross stitching for hours at a time!

Some of the challenges I still encounter often are knots! Man oh man, I feel very frustrated when I notice a knot in my thread while stitching. If I’m lucky, I am able to untie the knot and continue stitching. Other times, I am not so lucky and usually have to cut my thread and remove some of the stitches before threading a new needle and continuing where I left off. However, I received some helpful tips from Dana Batho, the author of “Beginners cross stitch: the ultimate tutorial” . She recommended I keep my thread shorter to avoid knots. Another challenge I experience often is miscounting. The squares on the Aida fabric are so tiny that sometimes my eyes play tricks on me. Even with my glasses on and lots of light, I still make mistakes. I suppose making mistakes are fine and will only improve my cross stitching talent in the end.

Here is a photo I posted onto my Instagram account to display my progress. After I have finished stitching the coloured thread, I will need to learn how to stitch the black outline in order to complete the pattern. So, wish me luck and stay tuned for my next update! Thanks everyone!

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9 thoughts on “Cross stitching update!

  1. Looks like you are doing so great! Awesome work! I remember my mom cross stitching when I was a kid! She has passed on now and this has really brought back memories for me. Maybe I will have to pick it up in her memory! Keep up the good work! And how frustrating would that be to take it all out and start over if it knots! I can’t imagine!


  2. Hi Roxanne- I agree sometimes the knots are so frustrating. I get them and sometimes I just end up with a big knot at the back of my work, because I just cut the thread instead of attempting to untie it. Counting is also tricky, I don’t really have any tips for that. That being said, sometimes to try and get the piece done faster, I’ll try and do all parts that are the same colour at the same time, instead of changing colours all of the time. That might be a lazy tip though. I’m glad you are enjoying it, I find the repetitive nature of it a relaxing thing to do (save for the knots and miscounting).


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