Slowly but surely, I am making progress!

As most of you already know, my cross stitching journey has been going well. However, at this point in time I do have some concerns regarding my project’s completion date. Although enjoyable, cross stitching has proven to be a very lengthy process and I can only accomplish so much in a day. With having a seven-month-old baby and a husband that works out of town, I am somewhat stressed about whether or not I will be able to have this cross stitching piece completed by the end of the semester.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I am not making any excuses for myself. However, I do have some regrets about selecting a larger piece for my first cross stitching experience. Perhaps, I should have chosen a smaller piece to start with. I suppose my excitement for learning this new skill took over and I wasn’t thinking realistically. Either way, I will continue to work at it and hope I am successful in getting it finished before the end of the course. That way, I am able to show off my new talent to all of you! Here is a photo of what I have completed so far!

Although I am still in the process of stitching the coloured thread throughout my pattern, I decided to jump ahead and investigate how to perform a backstitch. I will need to backstitch/outline my pattern in black thread to complete my project. So, I researched “How to do a backstitch” using Google and Youtube. Through my search, I came across these two very helpful resources!

As stated before, I will not be able to start the process of backstitching until I have completed stitching my coloured thread, but by watching the backstitch tutorial video and reading the article “Cross Stitch Tips- Basic Stitches”, I feel confident about attempting a backstitch. My plans for this weekend and next week are:

  • Continue stitching the coloured thread throughout my pattern
  • Reach out to the Facebook community in hopes of discovering new cross stitching “friends”
  • Attempt one area of backstitching on my pattern

By the way, Marley and Jaque…how is the back of my cross stitching piece looking? I’ve been working hard at keeping the back of my fabric neat and tidy by using shorter threads to avoid knots!

Until next week’s update, wish me luck! Hopefully, I am able to make more progress than I have been able to this past week!

Thanks for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “Slowly but surely, I am making progress!

  1. That looks awesome!! I can’t wait to see it all finished! I feel the same pressure you do to finish my quilting project in time. It’s a bigger project than I anticipated and I’m worried I won’t finish either. Here’s to hoping we both get it done! Best of luck!!


  2. Wow I think you have gotten a lot done! I find cross stitching tricky, I myself am also so slow, it seems to take me a while to finish but I have a friend who just zips through them. Your back looks so good-like I can tell what the front picture is by the back, mine are always just a big colourful mess. Thumbs up!


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