Socrative…assessment that’s fun and engaging!

For this week’s blog post, we were asked to select an app or online tool we are unfamiliar with and experiment with it. I have chosen to explore Socrative because I want to determine whether or not I can utilize this tool as an elementary teacher. Based on my research, Socrative is an online student response tool that focuses primarily on formative assessment for teachers.

What’s great about this tool is that it makes assessment both fun and engaging for students because of its real-time feature. Socrative has three main options: Quiz, Space Race, and Exit Tickets. Whether you are assessing students previous knowledge about a particular topic or assessing new material, each of these features provide instant and detailed feedback. Now, let me provide you a brief description about the three main options Socrative offers to teachers:


When creating a quiz for your students, you have three delivery methods to choose from: Instant Feedback, Open Navigation, and Teacher Based. Each of these delivery methods offer a unique experience for your students. You also have the option to select the format of your quiz. Socrative offers three formats: Multiple Choice, True/False and Short Answer. When creating quizzes, this user-friendly tool makes it easy for teachers to add content and images.

Space Race

With Space Race, teachers can create a fun and competitive review game in order to assess content. Space Race is designed similar to Kahoot, however it is not timed and does not score students on how quickly they respond to a question. It simply scores how many questions they answered correctly/incorrectly and displays the results instantly for the classroom teacher.

Exit Tickets

This feature is beneficial to teachers because it aims to assess comprehension but also allows students to provide the classroom teacher with feedback. The teacher can see in real-time what the students are thinking by creating questions and having them respond. For instance, the teacher can ask simple questions, such as “What did you think of today’s material” or “How well did you understand today’s content”? Exit Tickets make for a great “out the door” activity but also offer insights the teacher may benefit from knowing.

Aside from the three main options for assessment, Socrative launches three delivery methods: Instant Feedback, Open Navigation and Teacher Based. Each of these delivery methods are effective because they display specific areas for improvement, based on the students results. This way, the classroom teacher can identify the area where their students need improvement. Whichever method you choose to use, you can be sure to benefit from being able to visualize student comprehension.

Overall, Socrative is a tool I can definitely see my-self using. I feel this tool is valuable because it provides teachers with effective and instant feedback. Furthermore, this program offers all types of assessment followed by detailed reports. Socrative would alleviate some of the stress and hours spent on marking because of its real-time feature, which I can appreciate! At first, I assumed this program would be suited more for the middle years level, but I can see how elementary teachers could benefit from this tool as teachers have control of the content they wish to assess their students on. Teachers can create an assortment of assessments and share assessments with their colleagues. Socrative works on a variety of devices, such as laptops, tablets and cell phones. However, there does need to be an internet connection. Although I am very pleased with this online tool, I must point out a common issue teachers often encounter, and that is the availability of technological devices. Often, teachers have limited access to technology due to its high demand. Laptops and tablets are usually shared amongst the entire school; Therefore, it can be difficult to have access to these on a daily basis. The limited use of technology for students would be the only downfall with being dependent on Socrative. Although Socrative can be accessed from cell phones, not every school or teacher promotes or allows the use of cell phones to be used within the classroom. Personally, I do not encourage my grade 3/4 students to bring their cell phones to school (yes, some children own cell phones at this age) due liability reasons.

Overall, I am very pleased with this online tool and recommend teachers try it out for themselves! What do you find valuable about this program? Which subjects would you create assessments for? Is this tool something you can see yourself using?

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