Summary of Learning

Well, we did it folks! We have officially completed EC&I 831! Although EC&I 831 is my fourth online course, it has definitely been my favourite! I have learned so much about the use of social media and open education! As an educator, this course’s content has been valuable to me, as I intend to utilize social media sources and open education sources in my teaching practices. Throughout this course, we have learned that social media can be beneficial and enhance learning if it is used within a controlled environment. There are many reasons to include social media and open education in our teaching practices, and these reasons are explained thoroughly within my summary of learning project. But first, I would like to express my appreciation for everything I have learned by saying thank you to Alec and everyone in the Zoom room, Google+ community, and Twitter community for contributing to my learning this semester!

For my summary of learning project, I decided to create an animated presentation that includes dialogue, using a program called Goanimate. Although I have used this program once before, I’ve only experimented with the Whiteboard Animation theme. So, this time I thought I would try out the Business Animation theme. Goanimate has proven to be very user-friendly, engaging and fun! I enjoyed using this online tool to represent my learning and highly recommend you give this program a try, whether it be for personal or professional use! I look forward to collaborating with you all in the future! Thank you to everyone who shared in my learning experience this semester and I hope you all enjoy your well-deserved winter break! So without further ado, I present to you my summary of learning project. I really hope you enjoy it!

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