Digital citizenship has never been more inspiring!

Hey, everyone!

My major project has been going well, and I have enjoyed creating a curriculum-based resource for supporting digital citizenship and literacy in the classroom. So far, I have created six detailed lesson plans surrounding the elements of Digital Communication, Digital Access, Digital Law, Digital Literacy, Digital Rights & Responsibilities and Digital Safety & Security. Each lesson plan includes essential questions, learning outcomes, lesson overview, detailed teaching instructions as well as additional resources you may include to support digital citizenship in the classroom. The contents of my major project are organized and posted within the Google classroom I created, specifically for this course.

Shortly after the Easter Break, I returned to work from my maternity leave. Although I did not feel fully prepared for this transition (as I imagine most mothers are not), I was excited to meet my students and prepared to incorporate my curriculum-based resource that I have been working so hard to develop! In fact, it did not take more than a day of teaching before I began to speak about this resource with some of my colleagues! When I mentioned I was creating a curriculum-based resource to support digital citizenship education within schools, you would not believe the reactions I received! Not only were teachers asking if I could share my resource with them, but some of them even offered to help me create the remaining lessons I have not yet completed, as they were very interested and wanted to get involved! I was completely blown away by my colleagues positive comments and their desire to contribute to my project! After all, isn’t that what this project and course are about? Creating awareness and encouraging other professionals to support digital citizenship along with media literacies?

Therefore, after much contemplation, I decided to sit down and collaborate with several of my colleagues during our common preparation times and during the noon hour to plan out the three remaining elements needed in order to complete my curriculum-based resource for the elementary level. The remaining elements are: Digital Commerce, Digital Etiquette and Digital Health & Wellness. Together, we will thoroughly examine these three elements and design interactive activities that will demonstrate each concept.

Now, I understand how this change of plan may appear in regards to the overall completion of my major project. However, after receiving such positive feedback and eagerness to become involved, I felt compelled to accept my colleagues support! As educators, it is extremely important for our students to learn about appropriate and responsible behaviour with regard to technology use, just as we are encouraged to incorporate a variety of digital tools to be used in our teaching practices. Moreover, as life-long leaners, we understand the value of technology and its contribution to our learning.

With that being said, my final blog post for my major project will include the class code you will require in order to access this resource. During that time, you may only see six detailed lesson plans posted by me, but soon will have access to all nine lessons as soon as my colleagues and I finish collaborating and post the remaining lesson plans. I hope you enjoy this resource and find it useful!

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